Basic cards against humanity rules

Cards Against Humanity has become one of the most popular party games in every corner of the world. The simplicity of rules that are associated with this game have contributed a lot towards the above mentioned fact. However, all the people who spend their money in order to purchase a Cards Against Humanity pack will need to learn about its rules in order to play the game with friends.

Before you learn the Cards Against Humanity, you need to have a clear understanding about the card deck. The Cards Against Humanity consists of two different decks of cards. They include:

  • The White Deck – The White Deck consists of cards that contain a phrase or a word.
  • The Black Deck – The Black Deck consists of cards that contain a question or a fill in the blanks type sentence.

cards against humanity rules

One person in your group will have to play the rule of card czar. In fact, he will be the main touch point of all the people who play the game and he is responsible for making sure that everyone adheres to Cards Against Humanity rules. All the other players will then be provided with white cards. The card czar will have to draw a black card and read aloud what is mentioned in it. Then all the players will have to submit a white card to the card czar while keeping the face down. Then the czar would suffer all the white cards and read them aloud. It is done along with reading the black card to make the entire game sound interesting. The duty of the card czar is to figure out the funniest response out of them and give the award to the person who submitted respective white card. The Cards Against Humanity rules are simple as that.